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    Hi, I am the author of the “Stray quotes” plugin

    I am struggling to make it 2.5 compatible, so far no luck.
    It always triggers a nondescript fatal error upon activation.
    When updating to 2.5 without deactivating and reactivating it though, it works fine…

    The 2.5 documentation is still not very complete and I am not smart enough to figure this problem out. Anyone out there who can suggest me where to start looking or what could be the problem?

    much obliged,

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  • Ok, I realized this much. The error is triggered by this sentence, at the very beginning of the code:

    define('WP_QUOTES_TABLE', $wpdb->prefix . 'quotes');
    define('WP_STRAY_QUOTES_TABLE', $wpdb->prefix . 'stray_quotes');
    define('WP_QUOTES_PAGE', '<!--wp_quotes_page-->');
    $dir = basename(dirname(__FILE__));
    if ($dir == 'plugins') $dir = '';
    else $dir = $dir . '/';
    define('WP_STRAY_QUOTES_PATH', get_option('siteurl') . '/wp-content/plugins/' . $dir);

    if this is commented, the plugin gets activated. The functions would trigger an error, because of the variables undefined, but it gets activated nonetheless.

    So it seems that the error is somewhere in the use of “define” or in the paths. Or… I don’t know.
    Any idea?


    I resolved this by declaring $wpdb global. The new version of the plugin is out and working.

    Where do I change the fonts within Stray-Quotes? I much preferred the original fonts to the new ones.


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