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  • Disclaimer: I have VERY limited experience and no expertise in building and managing websites. Step-by-step instructions work best for me!

    I’ve been researching WP for a couple of months now and I’m really excited about a lot of the features and I want to use it for two sites that I am administering. Neither is a blog site, but I think both could benefit from WP.

    I’ve already installed WP for one of the sites, and I’m researching how to create a theme for it and get the functionality that I want. I’ve been reading through the codex and I think I need some help strategizing my workflow. So far, I’ve installed WP on a subdirectory of my site. I started to write some pages and create categories when I changed my mind and thought I should look at customizing my theme first.

    Today I read the articles about moving WP and what a pain it is. I also read about a process for mirroring it and working from the backup. I’m all for backing things up, in fact I prefer to work from the backup and upload later, which is what I used to do in my html sites. Suddenly I got worried. What’s the better strategy?

    1) Keep WP on a subdirectory. Make changes, backing up files periodically. When ready for launch, change url.


    2) Create an off-line mirror for WP. Make changes. When ready for launch, upload via FTP.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!

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  • moving the site to a new location is not very complicated. what you need is to change just 2 URLs in the backend.

    easy way would be…

    just keep the old copy at the original location. COPY the files to the new location.

    go to the backend and update the 2 URLs in the /wp-admin/options-general.php panel…

    you might then require to fix the locations of css/image files in your modified template…

    after this check the blog in the new location, everything should be fine.

    if everything is working fine on the new location, just delete the files from the older location. 😉

    If it helps, I’m a web designer, as well. I just finished my first WordPress theme, and am almost finished with my second one. Both themes, I’ve developed on my localhost server, and when they were (are, in the latter case) finished, I uploaded them to my live server. Originally, I put WordPress in the wrong place (my bad – wasn’t paying attention to what folder I was in), and I thought I was screwed. but honestly, it only took me a matter of moments to move it – no problems whatsoever.


    Thanks! I had just read the article at:
    and it seemed kind of daunting and rather easy for me to mess up badly. I thought perhaps I was doing this the wrong way. Thanks for the help.

    😀 there is always the first time.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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