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  • I have spent the night trying to move hosts….

    1) backed up in full the database and site contents to local.

    2) uploaded database to new host.

    3) Upload site to new host, with new config file settings

    4) changed nameservers at registrars, waited, site seemed to working fine.

    Ok this is where it gets strange, i logged to try and check it had happened, so i thought a good way, would be to delete some plugins i dont need.

    So i deleted two by logging into the new host with the new FTP details, refreshed, nothing happened in the plugins page.

    So, i logged into the old server via ftp, deleted a different plugin, refreshed, and the plugin had been removed.

    I phoned my technical support and they confirmed that the correct the domain was pointing at the correct IP etc. He was a friendly guy and said he had experience with wordpress but he was baffled what would do this, he checked my config file and it definately is pointing to the new server.

    I cant believe it would make a difference but this is on a subdomain.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Jeremy Clark



    Evidently your computer hadn’t resolved the domain correctly yet. DNS updates take time. Also clear your cache in your web browser, if you ping your domain does it resolve to the new servers ip address.

    I thought i would test this further, and used the upload feature under write to upload an image. And it went to the old server.

    mmmmm – confused much.

    Jeremy Clark



    Yep your still resolving to the old domain.

    The hosting company said that based on there info the domain was point to their server

    Oh, it is using the same domain name.

    Jeremy Clark



    Based on the info they had from their dns servers. It will take time to propagate throughout the internet. Try pinging your domain and seeing if it resolves to the ip of your new server. Bet you 10 bucks it doesn’t. You can try doing an ipconfig /flushdns, but I really doubt that will matter as your ISP probably has it cached on their servers.

    Ok, cool, what you’re saying certainly makes sense. I probably shouldn’t have taken what they said at face value.

    Probably not helping it being 6am an all, time for bed.

    Thank you very much though, i will check in the morning/afternoon, to make sure it works, at least then i know I did the move correctly and can change the nameservers on the rest of the blogs i transferred.

    It might take 48-72 hours to propagate through the entire web.

    Please check your domain-name at dnsreport

    Look for the entry marked ‘SOA REFRESH’. That value will tell you how long other nameservers will keep a cached entry before looking for any changes. Be carefull when entering your domainname. You can do a single free lookup per day, and wasting it on a typo isn’t fun.

    Many hosters use large values, thinking it will reduce the load on their name-servers, but that stupid policy also leads to much pain for their soon-to-be-ex-customers when moving their domain-name.

    that assumes that his ISP resolvers are actually respecting TTL… a lot of them don’t because their resolvers are overloaded.

    there are lots of reasons for it to take longer than expected, and most of them are to do with poor decisions.

    I have another one.

    Repointed domain to new DNS. Change reflected in domain registration within a few minutes. Tracert goes to new IP address. Browser goes to old site.

    Tried: run > ipconfig: /flush DNS
    No joy.

    Registrar (NetSol) said everything was set up fine for the switch. But gave me got a good tip. It wasn’t my machine but our our *firewall* that was caching the old DNS. Rebooted that, and got to the new server via browser.

    Who knew?!

    yeah good tip… lots of soho routers have caching resolvers with separation anxiety.

    🙂 And, of course, it’s not a problem unless you don’t know about it.

    Ok so, I feel better that everyone is so confident that it is the DNS thing.

    Sorry to labour the point, would that explain that when contributors are creating/writing/uploading content, it is still populating the old database?

    Even though all the database info is correctly updated in the config file?

    Presuming yes, even though it confuses me, it basically means that my sites are offline for 48 hours while i wait for the DNS to sync up? Otherwise i am going to have issues moving the most update to date database back and forth?


    Jeremy Clark



    Yes because people are still visiting your old site. You probably should create a page stating that your in the process of moving.

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