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    I am a first time user of Regular Board and a novice at WordPress. I am trying to set up a simple forum to go along with an informational web site. There are a few things which aren’t working right with Regular Board.

    1. Security issue. You don’t have to be logged on to delete a post. I had 5 sample posts; i checked off the box next them; then clicked the delete box. 2 of them deleted although I was not logged on as a user at the time. (I’m not crazy. I just did it again — deleted a new post while i was not logged on.)

    2. When I am looking at the list of posts, the “comments – 0” is a hyperlink which takes me to that post. Is there any way to make the whole line the hyperlink? This is very confusing to have to click on the comments to see the text of the post. Also, couldn’t the text be displayed under the heading at all times? Can this be configuresd that way?

    3. When I do click through to the detail, I see “Posting Mode: Reply” at the top of the screen, and name, email, password, and comments fields taking up most of the screen. I have to scroll down to see the actual text of the post. I want the text to be on top, and the reply area to be under that. How do I configure that?

    4. The menu bar: All takes me to my home page for some strange reason. If I click on All posts, I see the posts, this is the only thing that works on this bar. I don’t know what Text, Images, Embeds, and Links are supposed to do. The show nothing when I click on them. Same with Bans, I just get a message that there are no bans to moderate.

    Although I am encountering some “wierd stuff”, all in all Regular Board, seems to fulfill my needs, if I can get over these few obstacles. Any help with answers would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Plugin Author Boyevul


    (1) Are you using an updated version? That should have been patched.

    (2) Currently, there is no configuration/options page, nor is there a way to configure display without anything being overwritten on subsequent upgrades.

    (3) This was done because of the way that the form (both the submission form and the posts/threads themselves) was set up; although, quite possibly, I will be making it so that this form is initially hidden and visible upon clicking an element.

    (4) Addressed in (All). Text, images, embeds, and links are different post types that Regular Board handles – so for instance, if you were to submit a Youtube URL, it would automatically be given an “embed” post type, and would show up under “embeds” – any links to images (jpg/png/etc) would show up under “images” while any direct links to things that aren’t embeds or images or “self” posts (text only) would show up under “links”.

    To cut down on the amount of unnecessary background database calls, I opted NOT to display these on a “as needed” basis, however, that may change in the near future so that appropriate menu links are available when the content itself is actually present.

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