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    He there,

    I’ve been running WordPress a few days now, and up untill now it has happened two times sofar that the file /wp-admin/inline-uploading.php seems to break. Why this happens is beyond me. I just don’t touch the files within the wp-admin dir myself.

    Anyway, this is what happens. I can upload and select images fine and later when I get back to the write/edit page I can’t. Instead of the image upload functionality a scroll bar appears with one very long HTML comment tag without the closing construct.

    <!————way long———-

    Any ideas?
    The first time I fixed it by overwriting the file with an original one from the downloaded zip file. But since this is the second time I plan to debug it a little when I get home this afternoon.

    This is the inline-uploading file as it is on my blog as we speak and this little puppy results in that long string of “–“‘s.

    To me at first glance there’s nothing changed here. But I don’t have a correct version handy right now, blocking corp. firewall 🙁

    [snipped by moderator. consider a service like for huge files]

    As per moderator’s request:

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  • Hi there,

    Just FYI, I wouldn’t be surprised if your post gets moderated, long chunks of code don’t survive too long here 🙂

    Could post long bits of code to in the future? That way you get the added benefit of syntax highlighting!

    Will do…
    Tnx for the tip. 😉

    Took some time to find a pastebin that actually worked without timing out on me.

    Some environment info? On the client side, what browser and OS are you using? On the server side, what version of WP? What web server and OS?

    Well this is all the info I can give you… 😉

    Client OS: Windows 2k (5.00.2195)
    Browser: Firefox
    Wordpress: 2.0.3

    Active WP plugins:
    Adsense-Deluxe (0.7)
    Category Tagging (1.1)
    Clean Archives Reloaded (1.0.1)
    Feedburner Feed Replacement (2.02)
    Spam Karma 2 (2.2 r3)
    Google Sitemaps (2.7.1)
    WP-ContactForm (1.4.3)
    WP-Amazon (1.3.2)


    This is embarrassing. At home, no problem at all.

    My guess about the problem: Corp. Proxy caching the first time I had the problem.
    When I had the problem, there were no META tags in the HTML result therefor the proxy must have figured: “Cache untill eternity.”

    Well I still have this problem – might it be fixed in the latest release? Unfortunately I can’t update due to a hectic template revision…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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