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  • I stopped posting this in the CSS and Template forum b/c it is not a CSS or template issue. Perhaps someone here can help me out

    Open my site in firefox and IE: Refresh the front page in firefox, once, and then again. You can see that the first time you refresh the CSS totally disappears and the second time the font gets huge. It is then stuck on this setting. Now, if you go to any other page, full posts, archives, bloggers, contact, previous entries, etc., this issue does not occur. And it does not occur in IE, only Firefox.

    I’ve changed themes and reloaded this one. I did change the CSS in Cutline 2.2, but it was mostly color changes. I even reloaded the orignal cutline css and it still persisted with the same reload error. I’ve tried new themes all together and I get the same issue.

    I am not sure what has caused this problem. I noticed it about one week ago. This was around the same time I upgraded to 2.7.1. Since then, I’ve downgraded back to 2.7, but the issue still occurs.

    I’d love it if someone could provide any insight. I’ve validated and the site and the only errors that come up are itmes I never touched. And these validation errors come up on other pages, but do not throw the formatting off. I post my content straight from a clean text editor, so there is no messy html within the posts.

    Please if someone likes troubleshooting and problem solving, take on this challenge. I’ve had two IT guys and a developer @ my company look a the site and no one could figure it out.

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  • I would like to help. I’m using FF 3.0.7 and I’ve refreshed like 20 times and the site stays normal.
    However, I get this when validating.

    The first validation error says that it is because there is no doc type. Which when I look at the source, I see:
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN” “”>

    The 2nd validation error has to do with the wlmanifest file, which I’ve never touched since it came with wordpress.

    And the 3rd error says there is an error in the metaname line. I’m not sure where I fix this code. Is it in the header?

    I’m sorry bear with me, I’m not very technical.

    I am also using FF 3.0.7. This issue happens on my home computer as well.

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