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  • I am running the RC2005 theme (have written to them, but no feedback) and am wondering perhaps if anyone here has experienced the same problem I am having which is this:

    I can see my header graphic just fine so long as I view the site in Mozilla Firefox. If I log into my WP dashboard and click on “view site” or try to view the site in I.E. 6, I don’t see the header graphic, but everything else is just the way it should be on the homepage.

    This just started yesterday. It had been functioning prior to that.

    I haven’t really done anything to my site that should cause this, at least I don’t think I did. In the event that I did, I went to the parts of my site, sidebar.php and header.php (where I had tried placing code which didn’t work for a menu I was trying)and replaced the entire code with that from a previous backup when I know the site worked. Still no luck. I am perplexed. If there is no workaround, I guess I will have to switch to a diff. theme. Any ideas?

    My website is
    Sourcecode protected, but can gladly share it with anyone that is willing to help sort this out.

    Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.

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  • Your site looks exactly the same to me in IE as it does in FF to me. (Which is a feat in itself.) I see the same header graphic in both.

    Do you have another computer you can get to see it on? (A friend, co-worker, whatever…) My guess would be a glitch on your own computer, not anything wrong with the theme.


    Hi, I developed this theme. As I said in response to your email, I didn’t see the problem either, but I have an idea.

    When I try to load the header image url directly, I’m redirected to your blog’s root.

    I’m thinking this may be something with your rewrite rules – if my browser can’t load the image directly, other browsers may have trouble loading it as an element in a page.

    You might try temporarily changing your permalink structure, then changing it back. This will overwrite your .htaccess file and make sure the rules are accurate.

    Also, I haven’t tested the theme (or WordPress at all) in a sub-folder, so there may be some issues with that aspect. I think the Codex has some specific techniques for making it work in a sub-folder.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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