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  • Hi. Recently I have a new suscriber which email is and I found it strange because I have few subscribers and the topic of my website is for specific users. Also I use email confirmation for new suscribers.

    Do you think that it is an attack?

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  • It could be an attack. What sort of security do you have on your website?

    It could also just be spam. Outlook lets you make unlimited e-mail account so it is a very popular e-mail for spammers.

    I have Wordfence Security, but it didn’t detec anything.

    Have you tried ithemes Security?



    That’s a pretty neat email, it’s one word. Usually I see stranger emails with .au .in or .ru at the end. It could be someone named Norma and thought it was clever to add lize at the end. It’s odd that a bot would come up with an email like that.

    I’d monitor this user, they can’t hurt you if your WordPress core is up to date. A subscriber hacking their way to an Administrator role was patched several versions ago. I also recommend adding Akismet to your site to prevent spam: It’s free!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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