• Hi here!

    I installed the Yoast GA for WordPress plugin on a clients site back in January. They also had a micro-site set up on a subdomain so under the advanced settings in the “Subdomain Tracking:” field I also entered this sub domain.

    Last week the client called me with concerns that the traffic stats in GA were low, so I investigated and saw that the stats didn’t tally with click-thorugh rates reported in MailChimp. I removed he sub-domain from the advanced settings and hey presto the stats in GA shot up!

    What’s weird is that prior to removing the subdomain, pages on the main site were being tracked, just the figures were really low compared to now. I’d figured that only the sub-domain was being tracked but clearly that’s not the case. Just don’t understand why changing this setting would have skewed the stats so much.

    My client is desperate to try and retrieve any historical reporting data but I don’t think this is possible, right?

    Would appreciate any input or anyone who can shed any light on why the stats were low when I had the sub-domain added under the advanced settings.




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