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    When writing text in my blog I get a strange space between the text and the inserted image. This occur in Internet Explorer. Not in Firefox. In (F11) fullscreen mode in Internet Explorer the space dissappear. And, another strange thing is, the space only occur whith some images. Other images doesn’t produce any space between text and image.

    See here for an example:

    Not fullscreen mode in Internet Explorer:

    Fullscreen mode in Internet Explorer:

    Here is the the code causing this problem:

    På stranden vid Hogia ser man Tjörnbron från en ovanlig vinkel.

    <img src=””/>


    Vi betraktar bron lite närmare.

    <img src=””/>


    <img src=””/>

    If you want you can test and paste this code into your WordPress blog and see if you get the same error as I do.

    All this is annoying. It is not funny when strange things happen and you don’t know why. Then it’s dificult to handle.

    Any suggestions?

    Someone who have experience of this kind of problems?

    Adress to my blog:

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  • Not sure about this… but your content area is 620px and the pic is 630px wide. Try to reduce it to, say, 615px and check if it works properly.

    Tanks moshu!

    You were right!

    I reduced the size of the pictures to less than 620 px, and then the space between the text and the picture in Internet Explorer disappeared.

    Very Good !

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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