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  • I have no idea what is causing this so I do not know who to ask. It does seem to be WordPress specific since I have only seen it happen on WordPress sites. This includes Please point me in the right direction if you can. This happens on any of the Chromebooks and Windows PCs I own.

    When using Chrome I am getting an error message when I use search:

    Error: You are sending a non-standard event ‘ViewCategory’. The preferred way to send these events is using trackCustom.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • IS this a problem with your website or a general question about WordPress sites in general?

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    Had to do a bit of searching and that error happens when using Facebook Pixel. Are you using any plugins that connect to that service?

    You say it also happens on, where are you getting this error?

    This started as a question about my one of my websites. The error occurred when I was logged in a using the search on the black banner at the top of the screen. I disabled all plugins but that didn’t help.

    Then I discovered that I was getting the same error on all my WordPress sites.

    Then I discovered that I was getting it on all my Chromebooks and PCs when using the Chrome browser. I did not get it using the Microsoft browser.

    I cleared all the cookies and it is still there.

    I logged onto to see if it was a topic here. The error also shows up when I do a search here.

    From all of this I have concluded:

    1) That my websites are not a specific problem. (This makes me feel better.)
    2) That WordPress must be a part of the problem.
    3) That somehow Chrome is involved.
    4) That Facebook developers resources are involved.

    I am not knowingly using any plugin that involves Facebook. I am not knowingly using any chrome app that involves Facebook.

    So is Facebook perhaps using a non cookie tracker that is not playing well with WordPress? Maybe that is a good thing.

    Did you find a solution to this?

    I am having the same experience. And only with wordpress sites. They do share some plugins but not been able to identify if in fact it is plugin or WP core related.

    Whenever I click in a field, e.g. search field a string comes up “Error you are sending a non-standard event…” and onwards.

    Facebook developer/ads seems to affect it but I don’t know how.

    edit: the issue does not appear on

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    Does it also happen when you search
    Does it only happen with chrome?
    Does it happen when you disable all plugins?

    I have not found a solution but thanks to you I now know for sure it isn’t just me.

    I wish I could upload a screenshot.

    I have seen this on non-WordPress sites too, only Chrome. I believe it is an autocomplete entry created as a result of an error thrown by fbevents.js. The message appears on many sites because the search input element often has the attribute name=”s”. Clear the entry by hitting Shift + Del when it is highlighted. Hope that helps!

    I have the same problem on my website. The expanded text of the error indicates that it’s a problem with the Facebook pixel code:

    “error: you are sending a non-standard event ‘viewcategory’. the preferred way to send these events is using trackcustom. see ‘’ for more information.”

    I have not done anything special with the Facebook pixel. If I remember correctly, I simply grabbed their canned block of code and added it to my website without any modifications. I’d love to know how to fix this!

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