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  1. hafman
    Posted 3 years ago #

    When checking over things on my site with firebug i discovered this request for wp-content/plugins/editor-styles.css?ver=3.4.1

    It gets a 404 every time, even if i put a copy of the file in that directory. I'm running TinyMCE Advanced BUT the 'error' persists even when i disable it and flush cache/reload.

    You can see for yourself if you go here and use the net tab in firebug http://raritiesproductions.co.uk/rp/

    I'm calling editor-style.css in functions.php with

    Why would WordPress be looking in 'plugins' ??????

  2. I've just looked at your page and can't see that editor-style.css reference. It may be for logged in users, my install with Twenty Ten doesn't do that when I'm logged in (or not).

    Just as a troubleshoot method, have you tried disabling all of your plugins and switch to the Twenty Eleven theme?

    If that reference goes away when you do, then reactivate each plugin one at a time until it comes back. Switch back the theme last and that should help you identify where that's coming from.

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