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  1. swartskaap
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi Guys,
    I have a weird problem and I'm quite sure where to go to fix it.I bought a domain name for my blog -> http://www.blabla.com from godaddy with I masked forwarded http://other.brinkster.net/blabla/ ,so heres the problem,When I go to http://www.blabla.com the site opens fine but when i go on a link it displays http://other.brinkster.net/blabla/?p=13 and also opens it to that url,but it should be http://www.blabla.com/?p=13.Is their a way to change this?Do I do this in wordpres,godaddy or brinkster?

    Please help me,Thanks guys!

  2. alism
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Godaddy and Brinkster.

    You don't want to forward your domain, you want Brinkster to actually host it. A Masked Forwarded site is just in a frame. So you'll need to change the DNS settings on your domain name. You'll need to know Brinksters nameservers, then you need to change the current nameservers to the new ones using whatever control panel Godaddy provides. Godaddy will still bill you for the domain, but Brinkster will be where the magic happens. :-)

    These two pages look like a good starting point for you. Their respective forums should provide you with any tech support that you require.

    After that, just update any settings in WordPress to show the new URL. Like: Settings > General

    Best of luck.

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