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Strange problem withe Permalinks

  • I am facing a strange problem with permalinks lately. I had the “Custom Permalinks” plugin installed but I uninstalled it lately. It used to add a custom field to all posts.

    After removing it all my old permalinks continue to work (like http://www.nirantar.org/0605 works fine). The problem is with a new Page that I added. WordPress just won’t accept its slug as 0705, it keeps on adding -2 or -3 to it. I checked the database for the Page ID in wp_posts table I noticed that the guid column didn’t had the normal page URL (i.e. it contained just http://www.nirantar.org instead of http://www.nirantar.org/?page_id=2880), which I corrected. I Also queried and since there were no other Post or page with the slug 0705 I changed the slug (post_name) in database to 0705.

    Now in admin console, while the quick edit option on page shows the slug correctly, on full edit page the slug is shown as 0705-3 and if I change it it doesn’t change, moreover the permalink http://www.nirantar.org/0705 doesn’t work not even http://www.nirantar.org/0705-3 or http://www.nirantar.org/0705-2. I even tried deleting this page and recreating it. What could be wrong?

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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