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  • Hey there,
    first of all thanks a lot for the great plugin. Saves a lot of time and works great except for the following problem.

    I’m on WP 3.5.1, woocommerce 1.6.6 and the most recent 0.7.2 Version of your plugin.

    The import of the *.csv-File works fine. All the information of the file seems to be in the right place and all products (around 150) are written in the database and can get accessed from within the woocommerce backend.

    When I try to access the products on the frontent via the categorie-widget none of the items is found.

    I have to open each of the products individually and hit the “update”-button to get them set up right. Seems that there is some information missing in the “wp-postmeta” table..?

    Any idea how I could avoid to update each of the products manually or whats wrong with the plugin?


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  • +1, i have the same problem.


    Woocommerce 2.0.1


    I have uploaded the csv 3 times – the first time it worked and the products all showed up as you would expect.

    I wanted to correct some errors on the product descriptions. I did the corrections in the csv because its faster than going to product pages, I saved the csv then when I re-uploaded it I have the problem above. The products and categories are in the woo-commerce but I need to update the products individually before they will show on the site.

    I got my hosting service to increase the memory limit (just in case) and I’ve just uploaded it the csv in a zip file with all of the images. When I click on a category I have a “No products found which match your selection.”.

    The file is 530 products and images although the images are not more than 50 kb. Total zip file is 17 Mb

    I’m using the latest version of WooCommerce v2.

    Hey I have exactly the same problem, my csv contains 700 products.

    Please let me know if you manage to fix it!!!

    I fixed it!!!

    Here´s what I did to solve the problem:

    1.Just select all products in the catalog.
    2.Click on “bulk actions”->”edit” and common details appear on the window.
    3. Now look in “In stock” and select “In stock” in the dialog, now all products appear in the catalog!!


    in my site it select “In Stock” in the bulk edit does not help!

    Any one has any solution?

    Please help ><”

    @gonzaromano +1 for your work-around. I am having the same issue, but your trick is at least workable, even if not perfect.


    Thanks blucyk!! Yes like you say it´s only a way to come around the issue without solving it; when I first realised I thought “I can´t be the only one having this problem” so I wrote that procedure 😉

    I´m happy my comment has worked fine with your site! Thanks again!


    Hi guys. I’m having the same issue but none of the above workarounds worked.

    I have a stack of variations – and have successfully imported them. When I go to the product on the front end it has the old price. When I go to the back end and look up the product the variation is there, I just have to hit publish and it updates.

    I’ve tried bulk editing but it doesn’t work. I’m stuck with manually opening and publishing 300 posts. There has to be an easier way than this!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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