Strange Problem when Installing WordPress, any ideas? (1 post)

  1. Hawkthorne
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I've installed WordPress countless times, both manually and via cPanel, but I've never tried installing one on a FTP where the root is emtpy.

    I've gone ahead and uploaded all the files and edited the config like it explains in the 5 minute installation guide, but my problem is, where do I go next? My current site access is to the admin panel i.e an ipadress with a port on the end, but how do I get to the /wp-admin/install?

    Since there is no domain connected to the admin panel I've tried to going to (example:) 192.168.352.262:1531 (<-- made up) /wp-admin/install but I get a 404. Do I need to change some htcaccess or something?

    To make it clear, in-case I haven't, I just put all the folders in the root (/) on the FTP as there were no folders existing.

    I'd really appreciate an answer, thanks!

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