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  • Paul


    Hope someone can shed some light on a strange page-creation problem I’ve just started to get. I’ve created many pages and all are fine however, beginning this morning I’ve hit something strange.

    I create a new page and for example name this Digital Widget. If I preview the page directly from the dashboard it looks fine. However, if I then go on to publish the page instead of seeing the page as it was in the preview, I just get one image from the article showing and the page title looks as though either the slug has been used, or an image name. e.g. digital-widget.

    The only difference with this page from all the others I’ve already created is that the images used in the article has been saved in a sub-folder of my ‘images’ folder. So, I’ve tried moving the images back into the root images folder and then re-inserting them into the article but the problem still persists.

    However, If I then edit the page by changing the title, then the page displays correctly.

    Also, If I try deleting the page in my dashboard it still shows up in my ‘live’ site. I can’t seem to delete it, only rename it.

    Unfortunately, I can’t post a link as I’m creating the site on localhost. Any help would be much appreciated.

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