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  • I’ve been experiencing some problems on my blog recently (
    On August 14, I upgraded WordPress and changed my theme.
    There was no problem at all until August 31. This day, all the posts from August 14 to August 31 disappeared (from the database too and only the posts table was affected).
    I rewrote all the posts but on September 4 the same thing happened (only posts from August 14 until September 4). Strangely, only one post of August 31 was left (the post that says I lost my posts on August 31 !).
    I used a backup of my database to recover the posts and then despite there where previously not in my database, all the posts after August 14 that I had re-written appeared twice !
    I wonder where does it come from. My provider, WordPress bug, someone ?
    It seems that the only thing I’ve done is to activate a backup plugin but it was after the first disappearance.
    I’m using Performancing for posting, can that be related to my problem ?

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  • What it sounds like to me: your host is having some problems and loading backups without notifying you – and the backups aren’t real current.

    Ask them…

    Thank you,
    I think it is related to my provider too as it seems I’m the only one affected with that. I’m waiting for a reply from them.

    Well, please post back what you find out from them and we’ll see where to go from there if it’s NOT something on their end, ‘kay?

    I’ve got a reply and it seems that it came from my provider.
    They said that I had 2 mysql tables in “used” state. I don’t know what it means but they told me that they took care of the problem.

    Well, that’s good for you! I mean that they’ve fixed it. But you might like to see if you can get some further information out of them, just in case this happens again.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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