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    While I was building my new blog which uses WP 2.7, I used to do a weekly WXR backup file from the old ONLINE blog and import it to the new blog that I had been wbuilding, to keep the new one updated . As you know, the WXR file contains also postviews number.

    After completing the move to the new host (uploaded the WP files and imported the mysql, activating the plugins, etc), I noticed that the postviews number that is displayed above the posts by the plugin WP-PostViews 1.40 indicates the number (1) as number of views only !

    I checked in the Edit window of the posts, and there I found that the reason for not displaying the real views number is that there are several "Views" values attached to the post, which confused the plugin and made it display (1).

    So everytime I was importing the WXR to the new blog, a new additional "views" field was added to the post meta.

    Look at the first picture, it is taken from the editing screen of one post which has been imported twice. it contains two different "views" values.


    The second picture is taken from the editing screen of a post that has been imported three times (it is an older post than the first one), with THREE different views values.


    SO , the plugin gets confused when it sees that there are more than one views values, and it simply ignores all of them and puts views number to one.

    Now, either there is a way to delete all but the latest "views" value from the posts' meta, or change the pllugin setting to take only one views value from the post meta, which is the higher of all the values it finds (if there is more than one).

    I have contacted Lesterchan, the author of the plugin several times, at first he responded to me (and I appreciate that) but then he never answered ...


    Another issue. I login to the admin area using the login function of WP: <li><?php wp_loginout(); ?></li> and I manage to get into the admin area. However, when I get back to the blog index (both through the same page or from a new browser window) , I see "log in" again , instead of "log out" .. and that is why I cant see the admin tools in the blog index, such as the direct edit function.

    So what is wrong ?

    Thanx all for your help

    And Please .. if you have spare time , read this :

    Theme font ok with IE but not with Firefox/Chrome/Safari

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