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  • I found a wordpress blog that has strange permalink style.
    In that blog, the links to posts are like these.

    I want to know how to make permalinks like these.
    Are there any plugins for this?

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  • whooami



    lol, why? and what makes you think thats wordpress? seeing kubrick proves nothing.

    yea.. you are right.
    Some guy said, it is Textpattern.
    I’m studying php & just curious about that.

    it is definitely not textpattern. and why would you even want permalinks like that??

    That style looks cool.
    I’m a php newbie, & want to get the plugin source code for study…
    What do you think that blog is?




    why dont you ask the person that runs the web site? Since we have determined that isnt a wordpress web site .. maybe you ought to not clutter these wordpress forums talking about it.

    Just a suggestion.

    There’s no contact information on that site.
    I thought it was WordPress, that’s why I posted a question on this forum.
    This was my first post on this forum.
    I think some people on this forum are not polite to newbies.
    Some are even very rude & hasty.
    It’s very disappointing.


    Wing4bee – I haven’t seen anyone being rude, hasty, or nasty to you in any way.

    Just so you know, what I’m about to say is none of those things either.

    Whooami is right – it’s not WordPress, that’s been determined. So that should mean that the discussion is over. You don’t keep going to try to figure it out here, once it’s been determined that it’s not WordPress.

    Since you’re new – you might want to take some of what’s being said, and instead of getting upset, just understand, and learn from it.

    This may well be your first post, but whooami has thousands under her belt. She wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings, but rather explain that you’re looking for the info you want in the wrong place. That’s it. Nothing deeper in those words. Instead of getting upset and calling names, why not just say “thanks” and go find the info elsewhere, again, as has been suggested?

    Oh, and for what it’s worth… bumping your post with all those dots isn’t going to do anything for your cause either.

    Again – this was not meant to be mean, hasty, nasty, rude, or whatever. You said yourself you’re new, I’m trying to help you understand, okay?

    Actually the main reason of my upset was “iblastoff”.
    I posted same question on textpattern forum.
    Here’s what he replied.

    [ well this is a really weird spam attempt. exact same type of post over at the wordpress forums except it says “I found a WordPress blog that has strange permalink style…”
    i suppose we’re expected to try and google those ids and reach whatever crappy page you put together.
    piss off spammer ]

    That site is not mine of cause.
    Sorry for all this mess.

    Wing4bee – I’d be upset if I read that over there too. But I’d also direct my upset where it was best deserved.

    iblastoff was stating an opinion about the permalinks – it’s beyond ME as to why you’d want them that way too. but that’s not entirely the issue here at this point.

    For what it’s worth – regarding the site you’re looking to mimic – it IS a spammy, garbage kind of site, regardless of what software powers it. So to add my two-cents to the whole thing (because I’m hoping it helps you, somehow), if you want to learn PHP, find a good, high-quality way to do so. Trying to learn from garbage will only result in you producing more garbage. And the internet landfills are full enough of it as it is! 🙂

    I admit that site is spammy.
    I was just curious about the permalink style.
    I just wanted to know how to make such a strange permalinks.

    Though I personally prefer more readable permalinks (they’re more likely to be found in search engines, and are more useful to readers), you can easily create permalinks that are similar to what you’ve noted. Here’s how:

    In the WordPress admin panel, go to the “Options” tab and the “Peramlinks” sub-tab.

    In the “Custom structure” box, put in something like this:

    Specifically, you’ll want to start it with a slash, and put whatever “cool” letters and numbers you want, and make sure that %post_id% (with both percentage signs and the underscore) is in there somewhere. That’s what will keep all the URLs from being exactly the same and tell WordPress which post you want.

    The specific entry above will result in something like this:

    Note that this will only work if your host supports .htaccess files (almost all hosts do) and if your .htaccess file is “writeable”. If you need help with that, see the Codex pages on Permalinks and File Permissions.

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