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  • Im using a slightly modified version of Brave Zeenat. My website is located here. Everything appears to be working correctly so far, but I am having difficulty with one category template when it comes to displaying on a smartphone or tablet. This page, when seen on either a tablet or a smartphone, extends the background to the right, as seen here.

    The rest of the pages are alight properly like so.

    I have looked all all the various php pieces, header, footer, contents, etc, and everything appears to be correct. It isn’t just my site. It also happens in the demo model of the site.

    I have no idea what code to past up for you to check, but if someone can help me out, i’d appreciate it.

    I do have wptouch installed, so you will have to turn it off if you visit my site on a phone or tablet. I know this is only a cosmetic thing, but it’s really annoying. The creator no longer offers support, and their website is no longer operational. the backend is still up and running, but if you go to the index, it has a message lettering you know that the site is down.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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