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    I am creating a new website that uses a theme I code myself. (I am a developer) In some cases, I have strange results. The problem is like that:

    Lets say I have two product categories:
    A: A has products between 1Euro and 700 Euros.
    B: B as products between 300Euro and 1000 Euros.

    Then I do this:
    1) When starting, I see a price range of 1 -1000 and no category is chosen. That is OK.
    2) I choose category A, the price range changes from 1 to 700. That is OK.
    3) Then I change the price range to 1 – 200 and fewer products are shown. That is OK.
    4) Now the problem: If I change now the category to B I should expect that there are now results available and I would expect a piece of information like: “Nothing available, try again”.

    But i do not receive that information. I only see a price range of 1000000000 – 1000000000.

    Is there any possibility to change that price range and display the information instead? If coding is necessary to do it, it is no problem. But I need some infoamation how to do it.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hello @rabox66,

    It is difficult to judge only by this description.
    Try to play with the values recalculation settings – and ajax settings –

    If this does not work, please contact our internal support team –

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    Thank you!
    I was busy with another project in the meanwhile and have not answered jet. Sorry. I checked the links you proposed, but I could not fix the problem. but I have another description of the bug, which is easier: 😉

    Just follow the link:

    You will see a combination of product and price that does not exist. (I guess that happens quite regularly, whenever useres search.) In that case (I imagine) The filter should say: “SORRY, NOT AVAILABLE”. But it does not do it. Instead of the information, it shows an amount that makes no sense.

    If you cannot fix it, I will ask the support as suggested.

    I hope that explains it better now. 😉
    Thank you!

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    Plugin Author Nick McReynolds


    Hi, – your link opens a page without products.

    “You will see a combination of product and price that does not exist.”
    If we are talking about variations, enable filtering by their attributes:

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    Hi Nick,
    thanks for the answer. And no, we do not talk about variations.

    About your comment: Yes, that is exactly the problem I try to explain:
    Let’s look at these two links:

    Here you will see all the animals available, now there are only ten.

    That is a combination of filters that show a result that does not exist. (Therefore no animals are shown.) Nevertheless, you can run into it, after playing with the filter for a short time. That is why I suppose many visitors will end up like this.
    In order to help these visitors with the right information, there should be a warning like: “NOTHIG AVAILABLE, TRY ANOTHER SEARCH”.

    Either that can be done out of the box. As it might be a common problem, I suppose it is possible. If so, please tell me how to achieve that.

    If not, I will have to write some code, but I do not know where to start. Maybe with some jQuery that checks, if there are producs shown, and if not, the code does a redirect to a page that gives the information “NOTHIG AVAILABLE, TRY ANOTHER SEARCH”.

    Hope I could explain what I want. 😉

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    OK, it was quite easy to do in jQuery. If somebody else has the same problem: Just add this jQuery:

    if ($(‘ul.products’).contents().length == 0)

    Plugin Author Nick McReynolds


    Hi, – Have you tried activating this option?

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