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  • Well, this is odd.

    I recently upgraded to Opera 8 beta 2 for the wp-admin layout fixes and various other things. Adding and editing links now has an annoying flaw. I never noticed this in the earlier versions, but then I’m not sure if I did my links editing at work with Firefox or at home with Opera.

    To see the problem in action:

    Go to the admin interface. Choose Links->Add link. Click on any input field. Suddenly, the rel field of the Link Relationship area contains the string “on on on” without the quotes. The behaviour is linked to the radio buttons: they default to the none state, which has an empty value (“”). If I choose one of the other states (contact, neighbor, child, for example), they’re correctly updated to the text field. But instead of an empty value, “on” is printed when the none state is active, once for each radio button. And it’s impossible to erase the field manually: after every keypress, the value of the field is again read from the radio buttons. The JS updating of the fields is apparently done by the upit() function.

    The same thing happens in the Manage Links page.

    Before I submit a bug report to Opera Software, I just want to make sure I’m not the only one with this problem, and if it’s indeed an Opera bug and not something else.

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