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  • Hi

    I have the impression that after the last plugin-update the old invalidated cache is still served if a check happens by the browser.

    aka : after ‘F5’ the old content is still shown (even from day’s ago and clearly to old)

    after ‘CTRL-F5’ the current content is shown.

    Two questions :

    1) Is this a known problem?
    2) Is it possible to go back to the previous version?

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  • Just to clarify, are you making a change to your site, clearing Cache Enabler’s cache, and then visiting your site in an incognito browser? After doing that you are still seeing the version of your site before a change was made?

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    What I know 100% sure :
    Every night the cache from the homepage is invalidated with a cron job that call’s the php job that’s plugin web page, off course modified for the correct page. This worked and works. reason is that there are events shown (by an event widget) on the homepage and past events should dissapear from home the next day.

    Since a little more than a week the complete cache expires after 23 hours, instead after 4 days.

    Several people complained that they got an older homepage and not the current one.

    Pushing ‘F5′ (aka ask the server if the files are still current), doesn’t solve the problem.
    CTRL-F5 (aka clear page from the local browser cache and request them again, does solve the problem.

    I suppose that it also happens after a complete “clear cache’ but I’m not sure.

    Do you have anything defined in Cache Enabler’s Cache Expiry setting and can you provide the cron job you’re using?

    Also, when a change is made to your home page does your HTML doc return a 304 or 200 status? From our support page:

    “The WordPress Cache Enabler also makes use of the If Modified Since header to help the browser determine whether the content has changed since the creation of the static cached file. If the content has not changed, the status code for the initial HTML document will be returned to the browser as 304. If the content has changed, the HTML document is fetched again, returning a status code of 200.”

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    expiry settings :

    Cache Expiry: 23 hours (but I want to increase it again to 4 days.)

    – Pre-compression of cached pages. Needs to be disabled if the decoding fails in the web browser.
    – Clear the complete cache if any plugin has been upgraded.

    I don’t know what return code the browser gets, because it’s not mine.

    cron job:
    /usr/local/bin/curl –silent (every nigth at 5am 14 min followed by a curl off the homepage an 5am 15 minutes. off course with a real website url.

    php job:
    <title>PHP clear cache Test</title>

    // initilize WordPress environment
    if ( !defined(‘ABSPATH’) ) {

    //if ( has_action(‘ce_clear_cache’) ) {
    // do_action(‘ce_clear_cache’);

    if ( has_action(‘ce_clear_post_cache’) ) {
    echo ‘<p>ce_clear_post_cache start</p>’;
    do_action(‘ce_clear_post_cache’, 23); // post_id home
    echo ‘<p>ce_clear_post_cache einde</p>’;

    <p>test clear cache</p>

    I’m a bit confused as to why you’re using both a cron job and the Cache Expiry setting. Are you using an advanced snippet on your site?

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    The Cache expire was far longer and I changed it to smaller after I noticed the problems (after the latest update).

    I’m using a event calendar snippet on the home page that has 10 events visible. I want home (not the other pages) to be updated at least daily and 3 times on saturday (more events in the weekend).

    I had the problem now also on one of my computers and I definitely got a 304 on home that was clearly days expired.

    I’ve disabled the cache now on the site.

    Is there a solution?

    Or how can I place the previous -which was working- of the plugin back?
    This version is clearly broken and should not be used.

    I’ve notified the developers about this. A fix should hopefully be released soon.

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