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  1. sproles134
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Long story short, I hired an Indian guy on e-lancer to install and fix up my WordPress website, adding custom ad codes and other widgets.

    A month later, my website started redirecting to a Justin Bieber playing basketball YouTube video. I figured the guy installed an infected plugin. After messing around with the WP website, I found an infected plugin. So, what I did was go to my CPanel and deleted my plugin like that. I DID NOT delete it via WP Admin, because the thing was redirecting my website to the video. I think I should have removed it via back-end admin panel, but I didn't (so maybe that's the reason I have this problem).

    Now, my website doesn't redirect to the YouTube video. However, when I submit my website to Reddit or Stumbleupon, the title and description (no matter what page I submit) is the Justin Bieber video meta data (i.e. the title is the Bieber video title, the description is the video description). BUT, the links go directly to my website.

    Could anyone with knowledge of this problem kindly help me out? I would appreciate it tenfold!

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