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[Resolved] Strange links and crawling errors

  • Heya people,

    I’m getting very weird 301 crawling errors in Google Webmaster Tools since 21st of March. I have no idea about the reason behind these errors, as they have a very uncommon and nested link structure.

    The website I’m talking about is http://mafia-daily.net/, and one of these strange links looks like this:

    Seems to be randomly created, consists of different pages, posts, categories and attachments. Every single link part is separated by two pipes || (= %7C).

    The only thing I have changed since the 21st of March was a little tweak in the functions.php of the theme, but I have reverted back to the old version and I’m still getting the errors. Also I’m using the UberMenu Plugin for a few days now, but it’s not creating links like the above.
    I’ve got more than 200 of these errors by the time of writing, getting more every day. Don’t know where Google can find these links, I have absolutely no clue.

    Did someone of you guys see something like this before?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and happy Easter,

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  • The only thing I have changed since the 21st of March was a little tweak in the functions.php of the theme,

    Just mark all those errors as fixed and wait for the next crawling.

    If errors come back, try to run

    Broken Link Checker

    I have marked them as fixed a few days ago, they all came back and it’s getting more and more.

    Broken link checker also didn’t find such links.
    But thanks anyway.

    I mean, what kind of link is this? Never seen such “link chains”.

    Run this database query

    select * from wp_posts where post_content LIKE '%7C%7Chttp%';

    See when it started.

    I’ve got a complete database backup here on my hard drive. Opened it with Notepad++ and looked even for “%7C”, but the search returned no result. Such links definitely do not exist on my site. That’s what’s so weird.

    I also thought about my cache plugin (Hyper Cache), but the cached files do not contain any | or %7C either.

    Something else must “create” these link chains.

    I am repeatedly getting ‘new user registration’ messages with email addresses I am not familiar with? Can anyone explain why? Thank you

    Maybe you should create your own topic.

    I can’t force you but please run that query to see the difference.

    OK, I’ll do so right now.

    Just ran the command in wp_posts table. No results found.

    There must be something which triggered Google.

    Got a raw access log? You could sort out ‘googlebot’ requests or ‘HTTP/1.1″ 301’ in a single file and look through it.

    My last advice would be to check your posts via HTML tab.

    I personally have seen strings of %20%20%20%20 inserted before http, making the weirdest links.

    I blame one of the plugins, won’t tell which one, I can’t prove it.

    I can only find two logs: error.log and access.log.
    Looking through the access.log I could find an entry of these links way before 21st of March. Seems as if Google never had a problem with these links until now.

    Most probably a plugin, I’ll try to find out when it first occured and which plugin was activated at this time.

    Thank you so far for your help. 🙂

    Sure. You are welcome. Let us know. 🙂

    I found the first date, the strange links ware created. It was the 8th of March. At this day I added the plugin “WP Keyboard Navigation aka QuicKeys”. This plugin enables the navigation through the pages and categories via shortcuts.

    Seems to be the problem. Will deactivate it now and wait for tomorrow for new crawling errors to happen.

    Fingers crossed!

    Edit: Just saw that it was even removed from the repository….

    Can anybody tell me why I am repetedly getting the below message? Thank you.

    New user registration on your site KSI AFRICANA:
    Username: alicja-panek
    E-mail: alicja-panek@o2.pl

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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