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  • locutor


    I have two versions of my blog, one sandboxed on my PC, and the public one on an external host (both upgraded to 3.2). I want to subdivide my blogroll into two categories. I did this with no problem on my sandboxed blog by Adding a New Link Category, viewing All Links, and editing the individual links I wanted to move to the new category.

    I repeated the procedure with my public blog, and added the New Link Category. But when I go to All Links, the new category doesn’t show up, either under View All Categories, or if I try to edit the individual links to move them to it. If I then go to Link Categories and Delete the new category I just created, I get an “An unidentified error has occurred.” Though if I leave that screen and then return to it, the deleted category is gone. Tried several times; no luck.

    Anyone know what the problem might be?

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