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    I put some pdf files in the ‘media’ menu. And I put the link in some posts so I can download these files.
    But when I open the pdf files with this link, the title changes strangely.
    (like this. ø¬µµºæº≠≥ª¡ˆpdføÎ)

    At first, I thought it was because I used Korean. So I changed the title of the file to English and then uploaded it again, but it’s the same situation.

    Googling, I also tried setting utf 8 in .htaccess but it still didn’t solve the problem (My mysql is utf8mb4)

    If you have experienced symptoms similar to me and have resolved them, could you tell me how you took action?

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    It’s normally due to a charset mismatch. The original source files do not exhibit that behavior? The ones uploaded should be identical to the source. See if replacing the server files via FTP with copies of the original source documents resolves the problem. If even that fails, it’s probably a server configuration issue as we’ve taken WP entirely out of the process, other than providing a link.

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    Thanks @bcworkz

    One thing I worry about is that pdf doesn’t specify a charset.
    Anyway I’ll try to regenerate the pdf.
    It’s nice to have something to do.

    Always be careful and healthy.
    Thank you again for your reply.

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