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  • hello there,

    my layout is misbehaving – when confronted with a) background images and b) google’s adsense iframe and c) form inout field such as comments or search at the same time.. in Firefox.. on a Mac..:]

    To see what happens you may point you browser to my freshly painted ‘blog’ over here:
    or here:

    Clicking either inside the search box or inside the comment box will show something that looks like an additional ‘div-layer’ up on the very left – which kindof breaks into the layout, cutting off some 20-40 pixels.. depending on how wide you opened the browser window before..

    At the moment I have absolutely no clue what causes this ‘effect’.. is it adsese’s iframes..? ..divs..? ..the form..?

    Witnessed this phenomena also on other people’s wordpress-blogs.. when the above criteria is the same..:| ..anybody..?

    ..thenls!! greetz from berlin, till..

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  • strange, just looked from FF on Win, no problem like you report.


    hmm. thanks for your reply.. so I assume this problem seems to appear only on Mac OS X with Firefox (‘tested’ on 10.2.8 and 10.3.1 both running Firefox 1.0).

    To make the problem a bit less foggy I took a screenshot of that strange background jumping off..

    ..and maybe one more detail: the “unwanted extra layer” seems to disapear when scrolling it off the window.. but after another click into whatever form field the offset is back.. sometimes in one piece, sometimes scattered..

    ..hope that tells something to someone – who can then tell ’bout it..?

    ..thanks! +greetz, till..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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