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  • johanvanderwijk


    I am using a heavily modified Kubrick theme for a non-blog website. When making the changes in the theme I used Firefox and all seemed well.

    Then, when I checked my site with Internet Explorer 6 I saw that the whole ‘content’ div moved 1 pixel to the right.

    I have been trying all day to fix this, but so far without any result. I did find a thread about a similar problem, but there I couldn’t find out what fixed it.

    I am using WP 1.5.2, and here is my site:

    I hope someone can help me because this is driving me nuts!

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  • johanvanderwijk


    I’m very sorry, but after more than 24 hours without any reactions, I really have to bump this post…

    I can see that there are people visiting the site, so there has to be someone who knows how to solve this? Please help me! If anything about my initial post is unclear, please tell me so I can reformulate my issue. Thanks.



    I don’t know the answer, but, as I have a similar problem, I can tell you where to find a source of information about the difference in the display between IE and other browsers.

    That’s in Michael K. Bergman’s “Comprehensive Guide to a Professional Blog Site: A WordPress Example”

    Here’s where I found it:

    Go to:

    Then search for “WordPress” to find a post about this book and how to download it. (for free)

    On page 48, Bergman gives a few lines of code that solved “a” problem for him.

    It isn’t clear whether he means it solved the problem entirely… but it’s sure worth a try.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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