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  • As of this morning, there are four problems with the site ( that weren’t there yesterday.

    1. Two plugins are acting strange. There’s an ad plugin in the sidebar (adrotate) which does load, but none of the ads come up. This is the “Featured Vendors” widget. No popup/ad disabling was active on the browser.

    2. The other plugin is a social media one that displays at the bottom of each post. Facebook share and tweet icons don’t show up. Interestingly the tweet icon is restored if I turn off the adrotate plugin.

    3. The black bar along the top when I am logged in and viewing the site has disappeared. It remains on the backend.

    4. Not sure if this is new or not, but when I hover over an unclickable part of the site, I see in the status bar of the browser.

    I have restored the database to yesterday when all was still working, but that has made no difference. I have also reinstalled wordpress with no change. What else can I do, and what is going on? I am totally baffled.

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  • I have turned off all plugins, no effect. Turning on either adrotate or the social media plugin alone does not fix anything either.

    It is a case of possible infection. Please see this report.

    Wow, how do I fix this? I run the dedicated server myself. I have clamav and a firewall on it. Presumably the first step is to run a scan – anything else?

    As a test, can you just delete the Social Sharing Toolkit v2.0.8 and report back so that I check the results using another tool?

    Done, really appreciate the help.

    Unusually very large number of (repeated) links were being added by that plugin. They are not there now. But the infection status is the same.

    Try these, before you finally decide if this is a hack/ Malware.

    1. Deactivate all plugins
    2. Delete inactive plugins
    3. Revert to Twenty Eleven theme.

    If you can do these I will check it again.


    I can deactivate all the plugins, but reverting the theme might not be feasible right now since this is the busy time of day. I can do it but I would need to minimise the time on the 2011 theme. If I could check what you are doing that might help?

    See another report from AVG:

    It confirms the threat!

    AVG identifies the virus as:

    Blackhole Exploit Kit is a threat that is spreading. It is currently ranked 1 in the world for online threats.


    I can do it but I would need to minimise the time on the 2011 theme.

    No need to change the theme. It is confirmed as above. It is a kind of malware/ hack for which you have to take all the steps required to cleanup your site.

    Hey thanks a lot for this, I’m working my way through getting rid of this virus. Much appreciated.

    You are welcome!

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