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  1. a-kyle
    Posted 5 years ago #

    So I know how to set up mufti site, its not hard, a baby could do it. but what I am wondering about is this error i have gotten and a clients strange request:

    A) the issue is when setting up multsite i get this warning which does screw everything up and i have to recreate a data base and everything.

    warning wild card dns may not be configured correctly.

    the installer attempted to contact a random host name on your domain. this resulted in an error message "couldn't resolve host 'x'"

    you can still use your site but any subdomain may not be accessible. if you know your dns is correct ignore this message.

    but if you read B) then does this error really need to be fixed? and if so then were both screwed because their is no way to create a wild card on his hosting service that i have found under domain tools.

    B) when you do subdomains, is their code to change so that instead of site1.basesite.com, you can just go to site1.com with out loosing that multisite touch? the client wants to use multi site to keep his 250+ domains in one area to make upgrading the blogs and bla easier but he doesn't like sub directory or the way subdomain looks...

    any ideas?

    note: he's a relater hence the amount of domains.

  2. a) it does a test to see if both the server and the dns are set up properly. you need to find the "add a subdomain" with a value of "*".

    You also need to ask the webhost if they support it. without them supporting what else you need in Apache, it will not work.

    you can also set them up with subfolders, especially in light if B.

    b) is quite common. Use this plugin:

  3. a-kyle
    Posted 5 years ago #

    will b work with subfolders?

  4. Yes.

    Any tutes that say domain mapping won't work with a subfolder setup are old tutes. (I can't edit the one I wrote that says that.)

    That plugin works with subfolders.

  5. a-kyle
    Posted 5 years ago #

    One last question, the plugin requires the ip address of the server page (coma deliminated <- whats that mean for one....) where do i find this ip address? and of what server? the mysql database that was set up for wordpress?

  6. the IP address of your installation.

    in other words, go here:

    Put in your domain name. It will tell you the IP of where it is hosted. that's the one you need.

  7. Adrien.
    Posted 5 years ago #

    So upon creating a subfolder network and installing the plugin i followed the instructions and typing in everything, i went to
    domains and typed in the following adress into domains under "new domains" http://www.justlistedcondoscalgary.com and now everytime you go to that site it re-directs you to: calgaryrealestatesgroup.com which it shouldnt.

    see me for what i mean, clicking me re-directs you to calgaryrealestatecondos.com when it shouldnt. it should go to its own page.

    the whole purpose of doing all this was to have all these domains (300+) point to their own domain and yet still all be under one wordpress installation with out going sitename.calgaryrealestategroup.com or calagaryrealestategroup.com/sitename

    so am I doing something wrong? or are there steps I am missing?

    for those who are not follwoing the thread, the plugin is wordpress mu-domain mapping

    also with this already being in the tabel is their a way to fix this? i mean the domain mapping creates a tabel no?

  8. so am I doing something wrong? or are there steps I am missing?

    Yes, likely.


  9. a-kyle
    Posted 5 years ago #

    So after following those steps, step 4 doesn't show up. theirs no domain mapping in tools but their is one in site admin and it does nothing. i set up the ip right i set up all the content properly and and everything worked but..........theirs no domain mapping in the tools section. does it matter where you put the

    define ('SUNSHINE', 'on');

    any suggestions?

    this should not be difficult as i have followed every step to a exsact t. and everything seems to work fine except for the "domain mapping" showing up in tools

  10. You have to go to the Tools menu from the backend of the blog you want to map. Not the main blog.

  11. a-kyle
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Ok so wait, sorry. Since I have subfolder because domain wouldnt work. I have to make the second site so in this case justlistedcalgarycondos and then go to its back end and map it?

    will it still show calgaryrealestategroup.com/justlistedcalgarycondos? or will it map to justlistedcalgarycondos.com?

  12. Make the second site in the backend. then map it. It will show the full domain after you map it.

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