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  • Hello,

    I have been running wordpress for a number of years. Recently I launched a new website: For some reason the website is not ranking at all in google.

    In the past I have had considerable using the Yoast WordPress plugin to help my site however this has always been to target keywords and improve my all round seo. For example destination wedding photographers for the website

    With my new website, the site doesn’t seem to be ranking at all, not even if you type in mike and tom photo. Something that in the past I havent needed to do any seo on as it just appears after a few weeks. The site is available on google if you type in or It also appears in yahoo and bing with no problems.

    I have completed the standard google protocols when submitting a site, url submission, sitemaps, verification, google anayltics etc etc. But have had no joy what so ever. In the past the website has appeared after a few weeks if it only had a simple holding page with little more than than i single image on. I have also checked that google hasn’t blacklisted and it all seems good.

    I understand the page currently has no back links which is a crucial factor in general seo but as i mentioned before, previously i have had a site with nothing more than a holding page go top, the domains didn’t have a particularly unique domain either.

    I guess that this is probably the wrong forum but I didn’t particularly know where else to look. I have posted on google forums with no joy. I also apologise if there is a dedicated topic for this sort of thing, if there is, just forward me onto the relevant topic and i will delete and remove this post.

    Hope someone can be of help.


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  • Just a couple thought’s as to why it’s not ranking:

    With google cracking down on SEO with the new PENGUIN update, alot of sites are getting hit with rankings. Tactics that worked in the past don’t work anymore. Google’s newest thing that they’re pushing is CONTENT as in Blog Post’s and how many people link back to your site.

    From what I can tell with the site, You don’t have much content other than basic info (which is good, you need that) which is likely why it’s not ranking because GOOGLE sees it as low on substance and keywords that would bring people in from the Search engine.

    Also, if its a newer site, GOOGLE takes time (and there is really no knowing how much time) to get things up on their end.

    Hope that helps but if not, let me know. I’m here to help 🙂

    And you also need backlinks. Good ones, not SPAM’y ones. in SEO, content may be King, but links are a very powerful Queen!..

    Thanks HappyZebra and Catacaustic.

    Yeh I realise about the google update and the importance of back links for SEO in general but when it comes to the domain name usually most sites just pop up straight away right. Without any actual SEO being done? Surely even if it didn’t go somewhere near the top it would feature at least in the top 100 rankings?

    It could be google taking its time but the domain was registered over 4 months ago now.


    Update on this situation. I purchased a domain just last week, it currently has a holding site and i havent done anything with us. Its now on google..

    It depends on what you mean by “pop up”. The domain that you mentioned in your first post has almost 400 pages indexed in Google. so it’s there. You are just expecting to high a result too fast. AHow far they come up the rankings for individual searches depends a whole lot on how competitive the keywords are, and photography isn’t exactly an easy set of keywords to aim for.

    Hey catacaustic, I mean appear when you type the domain words in e.g. for the domain words search would be mike and tom photo. If you get me. Im not expecting to get top for a photography keyword yet just the domain name in words.. if you understand. Yeh I understand that photography is competitive, i am the registrant for several businesses who sit a top of google for their specific keywords all focused on wedding photography.

    Im not expecting the domains words to rank too quick am i? like i mentioned in the update, last week i purchased another domain, it currently is just a holding page with a logo on. Its now in the top 3 in google when you type in jeremy wong weddings. But mike and tom photo isn’t on google at all if search mike and tom photo, not is the 23 pages of results.

    Hope you understand what I am saying.

    thanks for your help 🙂

    I do understand that, and I still think you’re being a bit to hopeful.

    There’s a huge difference between “mike and tom” and “jeremy wong” as far as generic text goes. “jeremy wong” has about 10 times less results then “mike and tom”. That means that there’s at least 10 times less competition for the keywords.

    I do understand that it’s frustrating when you don’t see your site in the search results pages, but that’s what happens in SEO. There’s nowhere that can guarantee that you’ll ever get where you expect to be, and even if you do, there’s even less guarantee that you’ll stay there after Google performs the next update.

    The key is patience. I’ve said this to many people, and it’s still true. Do good SEO and don’t expect results overnight (or anywhere near soon) because it just doesn’t work like that. You will get there, but it will take time.

    yeh thanks catacaustic. like i say seems strange that jeremy wong weddings is on google on top page in top 3 after just 1 week with just a holding page (yes only 14 pages of results) and mike and tom photo isn’t in the 28 pages of results after nearly 5 months with a website (if only small) in place.

    thanks anyway!

    Everything said by catacaustic and HappyZebra is very true, but you should really consider putting some valueable (which mean unique and of value for your visitors) text content also. This is very important for Google now and might be the key factor in climbing up the search results list. So, start a blog, write some interesting articles (refering to “mike and tom photo”) or whatever you can think of what will fill the site with high quality written content highly related to the site profile and to the way you want users to find your site in Google…

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