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  • I have a dropdown box on my site with my feeds in it. Anyone who subscribes to a feed probably uses that and it works as it should.

    However, I was told that my feed was mucking up how a plugin on another site works when I comment there. The plugin author said:

    I checked Will’s blog and his feed is pointing to a 404 error with FeedBurner. He will need to sort that out for the feed to be parsed properly

    I can’t see anything wrong. But there is one strange thing that happens that might be related. If I just use a feed reader and try to subscribe directly to I don’t get my feed, I get: “Burning Questions – The FeedBurner Weblog”

    Maybe because of whatever the problem on my site is, there really is a 404 error and by default the attempted subscription is routed to the official FeedBurner Blog feed?

    We can’t figure this out. Does anyone have any ideas?


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  • We figured out my feedburner feed can be discovered on all Post generated pages on my WordPress blog.

    BUT on any static page it does not work. But we can’t figure out why.

    Can anyone help?


    I know for sure now that my feed is discoverable using a feed reader on post generated pages like:

    The feed is not discoverable on static pages like

    I have the following in my theme’s header php file:

    Can anyone tell us why the feed is available on the posts pages, but not on the static pages?


    I’m getting the same problem with our blog, we have just moved this from Blogger and converted the URL’s, could this be causing the 404 error? The feed works normally in a browser and is valid.

    Maybe it is the cause with yours. I fixed mine and now it seems to work. I had some code issues that it took me a while to figure out. Unrelated to converted urls.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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