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  • I’m seeing some strange feed behavior/redirection after updating to WP 2.8

    Here’s the full story…

    I’m running Podpress 8.8 and it has been churning out a feed at for over a year. I also have a page within my WP site which has podcast instructions for folks who don’t know what this is.

    I updated my WP install from 2.7 to 2.8 and all of a sudden the started redirecting to Obviously this isn’t what I want.

    What finally seemed to set things write was kind of bizarre.

    I went in and renamed my podcast-page to subscribe-podcast-page. Bingo! The feed came back. The really weird thing is I then changed the name of the page back to just podcast-page and the feed STILL works.

    This seems inexplicable to me and I’d really like to know what’s behind it. Also just wanted to let others know what fixed it (for me) in case they run into the same problem.

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  • I know that Podpress is so “yesterday”, but it still provides a single feature that no other podcasting plugin has been able to provide — a xspf feed that runs a XSPF player in a sidebar widget.

    Up until I upgraded from WP 2.7 to WP 2.8 that XSPF feed worked just fine. After the upgrade, it is lost completely.

    I post a song pick every day. I use the XSPF player widget provided in the PodPress plugin to display the last 50 songs I’ve posted in a “jukebox”. My readers love it, and it is one of the big draws to my site.

    Unfortunately, I cannot upgrade to WP 2.8 if I lose such a popular feature such as my jukebox. Also, just as unfortunate is the fact that PodPress hasn’t had an upgrade for over a year, and PowerPress doesn’t have the one feature it lacks over PodPress.

    If there is someone out there who could help me figure out how to get the WP 2.8 upgrade to work with the xspf feed in PodPress, I would be grateful. Or better yet, maybe point me in the direction of another WordPress plugin that will provide a jukebox feature based on my last 50 mp3 postings.

    There is an example of my current jukebox at

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