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  • This site isn’t started but for installing WP and a theme. No one should be visiting yet. Checked error logs and see a few SE bots plus a few spam bots. But this error shows up with each IP

    ModSecurity: Access denied with code 403 (phase 4). Pattern match "(?:<(?:TITLE>Index of.*?<H|title>Index of.*?<h)1>Index of|>\\[To Parent Directory\\]<\\/[Aa]><br>)" at RESPONSE_BODY. [file "/etc/httpd/modsecurity.d/modsecurity_crs_50_outbound.conf"] [line "54"] [id "970013"] [msg "Directory Listing"] [severity "WARNING"] [tag "LEAKAGE/INFO"] [hostname ""] [uri "/"] [unique_id "2s68nsy8ZAQAAAkaEK8AAAAD"]

    I can’t decipher other than it seems that \\ is there rather //. I looked through the site but can’t find the error. I haven’t installed 404-tracking plugins yet

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