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    Hey wordpress community.

    I am experiencing strange load time differences on my website. Whereas every page of my website loads quickly, the blog on the same page doesn’t.

    Please have a look at which is the blog on the same site but takes around 5 seconds until it shows up.

    I am not using excessive images and I tried to find out using the YSlow firefox plugin why it loads so slowly. However I could not identify a particular object of this page which is loading long. It seems that it always takes a few seconds until this site starts to load.

    Do you think this a hosting issue or something with my theme that it is loading the overview of my blogposts so slowly?

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Hi,
    I tried both links with firebug. I did not find the loading difference you are talking about. Both load quite fast.
    Anyway, there is a call made to the youtube api on your blog. Are you using a plugin ? Maybe you could look for a solution in this direction…

    Thank you very much for your reply!

    I will definitely look into the youtube thing, thanks! It is possible that the problem is not always appearing since I enabled caching and I assume if somebody visited the site a few minutes before, then the blog will be delivered faster as usual.

    However, I just checked again and the load difference was visible to me. If I click on the “blog” link it takes a few seconds until it starts to load in contrast to other pages which just work fine.

    I will look in to the youtube thing and then check again.


    The delay that you experience is caused by the server. It took over 15 seconds to load. See this report:!/nKLAPGjB/

    I checked into the youtube thingy: I do not use a plugin. I copied the basic link to the video into my blog post and wordpress adds the video automatically (I guess).

    Thanks for your reply Krishna. I suppose then I would need to change my hosting? It is just very strange that the blog is the only problem.

    I think my theme also uses a few jquery libraries. Could they be a problem?

    <script src="">



    I think my theme also uses a few jquery libraries. Could they be a problem?

    Not necessarily. Look at the first item on the report I quoted above.
    Generally, very large pages, a number of videos and images, etc. Can delay the loading processes, in addition to the number of requests the browser sends and the server responds.

    As a test, you may deactivate all plugins and see if it improves load time significantly. If so, identify the plugin that causes the problem. Also try reverting to Twenty Eleven theme and see if the culprit is the theme.

    The blog is affected because it is the heaviest (as compared to single posts and pages).

    Thanks for your help all!

    You are welcome.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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