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  • Hi all,
    I know that this topic has already a lot of questions, but I think this one is strange, at least to me.
    I am using the template:
    It gives in the footer a few links, of them I like to remove at least two, aside from that there is in the sidebar also theme credit that I do not like the way it is.
    My knowledge of PHP is only limited, I am 60+ in years and just learning how to use all this stuff.
    One of the files is called: template.php. That is where the code is.
    the file looks like this:
    a lot more like this and it ends

    After searching for several days how to solve this problem, I finaly decided to ask you for help.
    I hope someone can help me to do the decoding for me or give me clear instructions how to do it. Once again, I am a newby, and English is NOT my mother tongue.

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  • Hi OddOneOut,
    Yes I tried but all I get is a new code or something.
    I am affraid that with the help of PHP the file was transformed and put all those | in between.
    If only I know how to remove them, maybe I can decode it.
    Doing in manually may still be an option to see if it will work.

    Well the decoded theme seems to contain copyright links that you should not remove if you are using a free theme (in case the author requires them). Anyway here’s the decoded template.php, you can copy the contents and replace everything in the obfuscated template.php and then remove what you want:

    My recommendation is never use theme with eval(), it may harm your blog before you know it ;). Good luck sir!

    Mr OddOneOut

    Thank you very much.
    I know that I shouldn’t use this kind of template, however it is not for myself but for my sister in law. She insists in having this for her website, and who am I to refuse that request.
    With my limited knowledge of PHP I will see what there is to do now.

    Again, Thanks a lot for your help.

    You’re welcome and yes I understand your situation, tough one ;). If you still have any question please feel free to post!

    Mr OddOneOut

    I have similiar problem with Mr Janvadam, could you help me to decode this code please?

    I do understand that you recommendation never use theme with eval, but i kinda like it and with my lack knowledge I wish someone could help me to decode it

    Thank you for your help

    btw I am using this theme :

    if you could help me to change the footer it would be nice

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    All, there is already a Thread devoted to decoding PHP.

    Please post decoding requests to that thread.

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    Note: by removing these links, you are violating the terms under which the Theme is released:

    By using this theme for FREE, you agree to accept the external links.

    Thus, the following information, I provide purely for educational purposes only.

    In order not to display these links, open functions.php, and find this line:


    Comment out this line, like such:

    // include(TEMPLATEPATH.'/template.php');

    Note: I strongly recommend using a different Theme.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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