strange dated image linking if revising old post - hurts CMS use (1 post)

  1. vincej
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I discovered a bug? or at least an interesting situation with wordpress.

    I use a server at home-base for wordpress, and serve images from another location.
    I synch the images folders between the two locations, automatically.

    I noticed a problem, potentially disastrous for any serious CMS work with WordPress.

    Post is created 11/11/2011
    Original images are created and saved in the uploads/2011 directory as expected.
    Now it's 02/2012 and I wish to edit the post image and thumbnails.
    So I add images via the uploader.
    I expect to see the new images uploaded to the uploads/2012/02 folder, which I would then synchronize with remote webserver.
    To my surprise it places the NEWLY ADDED images to the uploads/2011 directory instead.

    If I change the date of "publishing" the post, to today, it then goes into the uploads/2012/02 directory.

    There is a broken logical link between post publish date and attachment upload directory I think.

    Solvable... by syching the full uploads folder to remote... but that's silly. Having to rsynch 43000 files instead of just 300 is a waste of bandwith, and resources, for everyone.

    So... if uploading a NEW IMAGE, not previously on server, why would it not place the new image in today's dated folder as expected?

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