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  • I’m in the process of adding a navigation bar to the top of my template a la the Plain Vanilla theme.
    However, I’ve come across a bug that I can’t make sense out of.

    I copied, pasted and edited the code to match my theme, and the site looks great on both IE and FF (at least on my Mac). However, when I went to validate the css code, I found that I inadvertantly added an extra bracket right above my new “#nav” code.

    When I take the bracket out, the navigation menu drops out of place and no longer is “inline” with my header, so I’ve left the extra bracket in the code for now.

    I’d like to have solid code, so I’ve been playing for over an hour trying to get the navigation bar to line up with the header without the extra bracket, but I can’t seem to get it to work. My style sheet can be found here:

    Any ideas on why I would get these results? I’m obviously pretty new to css, but I think I’m making good enough progress where this seems out of the ordinary.

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  • We have a mystery.

    When I view the CSS at
    I see the extra { bracket above the #nav.

    When I view the CSs on your site directly, and I assume the style reference is correct at:
    there is no additional bracket.

    Take another closer look at this.

    Also, I couldn’t even get your site to validate. A big “stop validation” error. Might want to check again. And why do you have the CDATA stuff in your CSS import? That’s very old and odd.

    Thanks for helping me look into this!

    Some of the extra code is a carryover from the theme that I began with (Landzilla). My hope in using the “simple-vanilla” theme was simply to use (and appearently abuse) the navigation code from this particular theme, but that has obviously been problematic.

    As I mentioned before, the only reason the extra bracket is there is that it seems to make the page look like the design I was hoping for. All my efforts to keep the “title” and “navigation” bar inline without the stray bracket were fruitless.

    Essentially, if someone had some ideas on where I could fix my code (preferable without the extra bracket so that the title and navigation bar end up “inline”, that would definitely make my day!

    I’m not sure what you mean by CDATA stuff… Any ideas on cleaning things up would definitely be appreciated!

    BTW, the validation site I’m using is:
    And I just checked that the pages all validate (at least using this service!).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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