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  • I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this or if it’s just me. I seem to get some strange comments that are somewhat spamming me (although I don’t know what the point is currently).

    The comments that come in appear to be forum posts or comments from from some other site that has a similar topic to my own site (I don’t have a forum though). At first I actually thought they were legitimate comments on my actual articles, but further investigating shows that they aren’t. This is most evident when the comment references or aims a question directly towards some other forum member.

    None of them have URLs in the comment as seen with common spam. And they all require admin approval before being added to the site (and I haven’t approved any). They come in 5-10 per day, and I only get 3 or so visits per day based on Google Analytics (haven’t promoted the site at all as it is new).

    If I had to guess, the goal is probably to get someone to use the comment posters URL (outside of comment itself) for spam purposes – every single one of them lead to a facebook profile, although most are not found.

    I have little experience with wordpress, but I found it rather interesting if this is indeed the tactic being used…grabbing posts from some third party site that are about the same topic as my article title, almost as if a response to my article.

    Guess I need to tighten up my comment section. Currently it’s open to allow it to be easy for others to post (and I didn’t expect site to get much traffic), but does require admin approval before it goes live. I guess captcha is still needed.

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  • Yes, unfortunately, that’s typical spam. Are you using Akismet (anti-spam plugin that comes with WP – but you have to activate it). That’s the best first level step to deal with it.

    Try to use Anti-spam plugin. It blocks spam automatically and without captcha.

    It is very easy to use: just install and it works invisibly for admin and for users.

    I agree with the others, just activate Akismet and see if that’s effective for you (should be for many sites). If not, just add another plugin like Bad Behavior or Cookies for Comments.

    I would only use a captcha under extreme circumstances and general comment spam isn’t one of them.

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