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    At my blog connexions I have a number of guest posters who make occasional contributions. One of my contributers wrote this post last night and, though the comments are definitely switched on, they don’t appear to show up in all circumstances. I can see them on my Mac, but not on a nearby PC. They are visible through the “recent comments” plug-in, though. This is the only post that seems to be affected.

    I’m very perplexed…

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  • I can see all using Firefox and IE6 on PC.
    You have a coupld of validation errors which look plugin related but they shouldn’t interfere.
    Very tricky to troubleshoot….

    it appears on opera browser on PC.
    i havent noticed anything peculiar.


    Thanks for looking, podz. Comments are still not showing on my PC with IE, but do show up on the mac (using both IE and Firefox). And the 2 machines share an internet connection. very odd.

    Do i need to be anxious about those validation errors? I confess to not understanding the error messages.

    Don’t worry about the validation stuff – it’s very minor.

    That’s a relief!

    I’d like to resolve the comments issue though…

    On IE, do a ‘View Source’ in the browser and see if the comments are in there?

    I should have thought of that straight away, but now that I have my perplexity has only deepened! The html to link to comments is there on IE, and looks to me exactly the same as the html at the end of other posts (where comments are displayed correctly).

    Makes no sense to me at all. It appears that WordPress is sending out the right code, but some browsers are not displaying it in this one instance.

    It’s a code issue then …. I’ll have a look too.

    When you say you can’t see comments, where does the display stop? Does it look like a normal post or is there a something of the comments section showing? If there is something, a screenshot would be great.

    When looking at the single post, everything is normal. But on the main index page the comments link is simply missing.

    It displays:

    Posted in Faith Stuff | Edit |

    even though the source code says

    <p class="postmetadata">Posted in <a
    href="" title="View all posts in
    Faith Stuff" rel="category tag">Faith Stuff</a> | <a
    | <a href=""
    title="Comment on Taking a Gamble at "In the Agora" ">2 Comments


    I’ve replaced the double quotes in the title with single apostrophes. That has done the trick. Thanks for your help.

    Interesting that that would cause an issue in IE but not in the others. (Well, not so surprising, perhaps.)

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