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  1. gregbd
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am having a problem with WP 3.0.1. I upgraded a long time ago to HW 1.6.6 and everything was fine. Then I suddenly started seeing formatting problems. Now I made no changes whatsoever to my installation of WP or Headway.

    It inserts /n/n/n instead of paragraph breaks plus it inserts a \ in front of " double quotes whenever used in HTML tags. Very odd... here is an example of what happens.

    This is posted from my iPad to see what will happen.nnUsually when I post and add a paragraph it wants to add /n/n to the end of the paragraph and in front of the next paragraph without creating a new paragraph. nnnGreg Balanko-DicksonnMaking Memories Techniciannnhttp://twitter.com/gregbdnhttp://gregbd.com/nn1 Heart, 2 Wheels, Infinite Possibilities.

    The problem only occurs when I try and add content using third party posting tools on my iPhone, iPad or Posterous. I first saw this code insertion after upgrading an iPad app, thought that might the source of the problem but I also saw similar code being inserted using an iPhone app and using Posterous to post to my blog.

    I tried upgrading to PHP5 and that eliminated a few of the posting errors via Posterous but posting via the iPad app is still very problematic. I am still getting insertion of \ and \n\n

    Very frustrating. I was wondering if there is some server side corruption issue but I am not having much success getting MediaTemple to cooperate with me to resolve this issue.

    Anyone ever see this error or have suggestions or a methodology for trying to resolve this crazy problem I am having?

  2. MT matt
    Posted 4 years ago #


    I came across your post and was hoping I could provide some help on your issue. From our end, it looks like this is definitely not a server issue. Therefore, I decided to do a little added research on the issue to help out. From what it seems, Headway and WordPress are having a few problems working together. Here is one of the posts I found on Google.com referencing the matter.

    Headway review:

    The article also revealed that Headway does have a support team to help with issues like this.
    Headway support:

    We're sorry that you have been having troubles, and we're always looking to provide great customer service. I hope this helped, and if you have any further questions feel free to contact us by phone, forums, or twitter.

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