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  • I’d appreciate your help. After updating to version 2.5.1, I’ve noticed some strange code appearing at the top of every page.

    I won’t copy code here as it’s too long, but maybe someone could take a peek and let me know what might be the problem.

    Since upgrading, I’ve also found that, apart from the home page, I’m getting constant 404 errors.

    I’ve just added a secret key to the config file just in case this had been hijacked, but this hasn’t resolved the problem.

    Would really appreciate your help. Thanks.

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  • Just to update, I have resolved the 404 errors (had added DB_CHARSET and DB_COLLATE to the new config file in error).

    You know what, that code looks like it’s tracking the page that referred a visitor to your site. I think this is a site statistics plugin problem.

    Some plugins don’t work with 2.5.1 and can mess up your site.

    Did you try disabling all your plugins? If your site loads okay with no plugins, then enable each plugin one-by-one to see which one is causing the problem.

    My money is on the Google Analytics plugin.




    its not being dynamically generated, I can tell you that much — it actually looked like something had been written to your themes header.php or a file being called very early on in wp’s loading.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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