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    On our blog, we noticed if anyone hits the return key or has a new line, we get the following showing up on the AMR events output:

    =0D=0A =0D=0A

    Not sure how to get it to stop doing this. I am guessing it is probably something that will have to be filtered out via pregmatch()?


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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Hi cody,

    those characters probably relate to carriage return &line feed characters.

    It does not happen on the test site or on my local host.

    Sometimes these things are due to another plugin filtering the page and/or post content. Try disabling other plugins till problem disappears. That will tell you which plugin it is.

    If you are referring to the ics output, then note that ‘folding’ the lines is required by the ics rfc 5545 specification.

    Content lines are delimited by a line break,
    which is a CRLF sequence (CR character followed by LF character).

    Lines of text SHOULD NOT be longer than 75 octets, excluding the line
    break. Long content lines SHOULD be split into a multiple line
    representations using a line “folding” technique. That is, a long
    line can be split between any two characters by inserting a CRLF
    immediately followed by a single linear white-space character (i.e.,
    SPACE or HTAB).

    Hi Anmari,

    I have checked with the provider of the iCal and have determined the =0D=0A issue is an issue on their end. They refuse to fix it though as they consider what I am using it for with your plug-in to be “out of scope” of what they intended for the iCal to be used for. They said even though the characters show up in the raw iCal file, a windows or mac iCal software program will ignore them, so they don’t see an issue.

    Is there anything I can do on the plug-in side to fix it? Some type of small modification I could do that would filter out or ignore these strange markings? My only other alternative that I can see is to create a PHP parser that would convert their RSS feed to iCal, but hope I could do something like a quick filter than going to that extreme.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank You!

    Plugin Author anmari


    Hi Cody, just to let you know that I am exploring whether this is something that the plugin should cope with. At a quick initial look it appears google calendar does not translate the characters, but just passes them through – I tend to ensure that what I do is compatible with the major online calendar providers with still within the rfc 5545 spec. I’ll try remember to post back here once I’ve completed looking into it.

    In your case you could use a wordpress content filter with a late priority – ie to get it to run after the shortcode filter, to strip those characters.

    (or of course a pre-process the ics file somehow to strip those characters.)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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