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  1. Amar Ilindra
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Need some serious help. Trying to figure out the problem from last couple of days but still can't manage to get a solution.

    Some strange words are adding automatically to all links in my site, Many tools and Google bot failed to crawl those links and i'm getting lot of not followed and Not found errors in Google Webmaster tools.

    Response Code: 302
    Fetched URL: http://www.geekdashboard.com/
    Final URL: http://www.geekdashboard.com/TSdPZ/

    Response Code: 301
    Fetched URL: http://www.geekdashboard.com/nokia-lumia-625-largest-display-family/
    Final URL: http://www.geekdashboard.com/RZhNZ/nokia-lumia-625-largest-display-family/

    Can someone please drop me a suggestion for this issue

  2. Try these temporary steps.

    - Deactivate all of your plugins
    - switching to the default Twenty Thirteen
    - Renaming your .htaccess file to .htaccess-old (don't delete it)
    - Reset your permalinks
    - Clear your browser's cache and cookies

    And then visit your site again. Are the redirects there after all those steps?

  3. Amar Ilindra
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I tried everything you said above but still no luck, same thing is happening again

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