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  • I don’t know where to begin to place this request for help.

    I have a symbol that is showing up in my posts. It is: Â usually at the end of sentences and in older posts, not the newer ones.

    I can remove them manually but there are a lot of them.

    Upon further investigation I did a search for that symbol in my database and it’s is showing up everywhere. I am treading into dangerous territory if I mess with that stuff.

    Here is a short example of what it looks like: (Is it a common symbol for coding?)


    SELECT *
    FROM beadner_wrdp1.wp_options
    WHERE option_id LIKE ‘%Â%’
    OR blog_id LIKE ‘%Â%’
    OR option_name LIKE CONVERT( _utf8 ‘%Â%’
    USING latin1 )
    COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci
    OR option_can_override LIKE CONVERT( _utf8 ‘%Â%’

    And here is an example of a post that shows the symbol within:

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