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  • I have lots of category and archive pages on my website, and I wanted to cache them to make access easier and faster. Everythings forked fine, but few hours later I noticed some strange things.
    In folder: wp-content/cache/page_enhanced/ (where 1,2,3 are archives) html files “_index_ssl.html” are renamed to “_index_ssl.html.old”, while they should not be renamed.

    Can you help me with finding the reasons and causes of this problem?

    Settings of Page Cache:
    Automatically prime the page cache: True
    Update interval: 604800 seconds
    Pages per interval: 10

    Garbage collection interval: 3600 seconds
    Comment cookie lifetime: 3600 seconds

    I have just noticed that all cached files renamed to “html.old” as soon as I added photo for one category.
    I will check soon will it rename cached files in case of post edit.

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  • This is how w3tc work. It rename the cache file when the cache expire or is purged

    @nigrosimone, but it should not update all categories when only one was changed. Am I right?
    In other words if website has 1000 categories, and only one is changed, all 999 cached categories become renamed from “*.html” to “*.html.old”.

    2) In addition, I’ve noticed that some pages regenerated at night, while according to statistics nobody visited website. Does plugin creates cached pages by itself, or only when someone visited website?

    Go in the “page cache” settings of w3tc, all your question depends from the settings in this page.

    When you update a page w3tc purge the cache of the page and all the pages we match your setting in the “purge policy” section.

    W3ct has also a priming option, if enabled it auto generate the cache.

    W3tc has tons of configuration and is the most complex caching plug-in ever made.

    @nigrosimone please look at settings:

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    With this settings w3tc not delete all category but only the page you have update.

    @nigrosimone, Yes you are right, theoretically it should not update other categories, but it does.
    In addition, which indicator should be higher Garbage collection interval or Update interval?

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    I think you have found a bug. The better is low value for both.

    Hi @qsz

    I am having a tough time trying to recreate your problem. From my side, using your settings (and even one that is more aggressive) i am unable to break it (to cause cache files to become .old prematurely).

    Hey if you aren’t afraid of a lil code can you run this small script on site that is having problems (see below). Paste the results here (or give me the link). It will just print out if your side is having problems with key php functions that is needed for caching. If they aren’t available all files are set to “.old” when the garbage collection happens. There is also a link to the current GMT it to compare times — they should match.

    echo "<i>filemtime()</i> is <b>". ( cmd_enabled( 'filemtime' ) ? "AVAILABLE" : "NOT Available" ) . "</b><br />";
    echo "<i>file_exists()</i> is <b>". ( cmd_enabled( 'file_exists' ) ? "AVAILABLE" : "NOT Available" ) . "</b><br />";
    date_default_timezone_set( 'UTC' );
    echo "Current GMT time is: <b>" .date( "M d Y h:i:s" ) . "</b> should match what is shown at: <a href=''></a>";
    function cmd_enabled( $cmd ) {
        $disabled = explode( ',', ini_get( 'disable_functions' ) );
        return !in_array( $cmd, $disabled );


    @amiga500, Thank you very much for support.

    I have uploaded php file into main directory (everything seems fine) .

    After rebooting server and purching all caches website started working fine.
    Cache update interval is fine, BUT the problem with categories remains. In other words, as soon as I update any category, all cached “html” files of each category become “old”.

    At this moment I update categories (photo of category) at night, so nobody could see slow page loads.

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