• After having created a new custom sidebar i then went to advance-edit it, i type my HTML and then when i check the code, it seems like there are slashes to the code i never type in the first place. In fact each time i save the code it adds new ‘/’ so at the ned my code looks like :

    <h3 class = \\\\\"title\\\\\">

    … wich is weird !


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  • remove the quotes

    <h3 class=title>

    to add multiple classes use the html code &#32; to represent a SPACE

    <h3 class=title&#32;widgetTitle>
    after it is saved, if you click edit again you will see
    <h3 class=title widgetTitle>

    —for before widget this is what i use to create a unique id, and a class name for the widget————–

    <div id=%1$s class=widget&#32;%2$s>

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