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    Hi there. Ginger version 1.1.6. I tried it on my iPhone and iPad and the plugin behaves strangely. Always using it on where it is active now. When opening the page the popup does not scroll down and does not show the end of the box where the “accept” button is. On the bright side the popup disappears in a few seconds freein the page. I understand it assumes that I accepted it.
    Thank you again, Massimo

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  • Hi there. I have the same problem/behavior on a MacBook Air. To me, it seems related to the dimensions of the screen/window. If the popup does not fit, it gets truncated, the “accept” button will not appear and the popup itself disappear in a few seconds. Two solutions, in my opinion, let it scroll or reduce its size (it’s too big anyway). Thank you, Massimo

    Plugin Author manafactory


    Hi Massimo,
    the problem is related with banner/text dimension.

    We didn’t added scrollbars inside banner because of usability reasons.

    Ginger let font size and type defined in your theme, if you want you can overwrite this rules with custom css.
    For example try adding this in Banner Setup -> Custom CSS:


    This should fix your situation

    Let me know if it fix

    Hi there. I will try but I do not consider this the right solution. You ask to modify a user file instead of changing the plugin to adapt to different environment. This action shoul be repeated for all the sites I manage. Unfair. Thank you, Massimo

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    What is the best way to get constructive suggestions, such as your fine response, to similar WP questions?

    How is this unfair? It’s a solution that does not break the plugin and addresses your specific question.

    As it’s only CSS you can deploy that to your sites easily enough with your own short plugin of in your theme’s style.css file.

    Plugin Author manafactory


    Hi Massimo,
    as suggested by Jan I didn’t told you to change a file, but simply to add inside ginger the style rules required to let your specific theme work.

    Hi there. I will answer here to both manafactory and Jan.
    To manafactory: thank you. I didn’t understand your previous answer but now I added the line you suggested to your plugin in the appropriate area and it works on iPad and MacBook Air: the popup is resized. It does not work on iPhone. As before the popup is to big and disappear all alone in few seconds. On iPhone I use Safari.

    To Jan. Why I used the word unfair: if you mange several sites and decide to use Ginger you will have to modify all sites to correct a behaviour that can be corrected at the origin, IMHO. To me, always IMHO, this is similar to the wrong EU Cookie law: it forces the change of million of sites all around Europe instead of asking the “browser” to do so. That was the reason for my wording.
    Thank you, Massimo

    Plugin Author manafactory


    Hi Massimo,
    you have a lot of text in your banner, you can try to reduce font-size a bit more, ex:

    or you can remove double
    between paragraph for example.

    Try also to use banner mode instead of dialog.

    Usually banner is intended to link to a more extended policy page, with less text inside 🙂


    Hi there. I followed your advice both reducing the wording and the font size. It works much better and, on iPhone, the “Accetta e chiudi” is shown so to allow the user action. I woud consider the incident as closed. Thank you for all your support and suggestions. Massimo

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